HT-181-NOS(2928-09) 6032#
Mini Tool Set
₱ 80.00


  • For driving and retrieving small screws
  • Bit held by a strong magnetic handle
  • Non-slip studded handle
  • Perfect for most small electronics (mobile phones, laptops, cameras, PDA's etc.)

1408412959HT-181-NOS(2928-09) 6032 Mini Tool Set.jpg

  • Color: Red & Yellow (handle)
  • Material: Rubber With Steel
  • Handle:
  • Grip: Rubber
  • Size: 20 Φ x 100mm (L)
  • Tip: Magnetic
  • Bits: Nickel plated (chrome)
  • Tweezer: 100mm (L)
  • Packaging Dimension: 90mm x 27mm x
  • 142mm (L x W x H)
  • Net Weight:
  • Handle: 20g
  • Tweezer: 16g
  • Bits: 2g (each)
  • Gross Weight: 163g


HT-181-NOS(2928-09) 6032#
Mini Tool Set
Subject to branch availability
Barcode: 105091020130031K

Phone Support

(02) 666 - 4568
(02) 413 - 9788

1. Is there a lock on the handle?

– It doesn't have a lock on the handle, but there's a magnet on the inner part of the socket part of the

handle to make sure the driver's not going to fall when in use.


2. What is a precision screwdriver?

– It is used primarily for work on small, intricate devices; a precision screwdriver is a hand tool with a

similar intended use as a standard screwdriver but possessing a smaller form factor and a sleeker

handle design. Sometimes referred to as a jewel screwdriver, these small tools feature narrow size of

flat and cross-head designs as seen on their larger counterparts. The handle of a precision

screwdriver also differs from a standard design in that it is most commonly straight and thin as

opposed to the bulky handles on regular screwdrivers, which are designed to provide purchase to grip

the tool while twisting.


3. What is the function of a precision screwdriver?

– The function of precision screwdriver is to disassemble very small items such as watches, calculators,

mobile phones, and computers, require the use of a precision screwdriver to undertake repairs.

Rather than grasping the handle to apply force, these smaller tools are designed primarily to be rolled

between the fingers to tighten or loosen screws. The shaft of a precision screwdriver handles

commonly features shallow ridges, which run from top to bottom to provide an element of grip while

the handle is being rotated.


4. Is this precision screwdriver has magnetic tip?

– Yes, precision screwdriver's tip is magnetic.

5. What are the advantages of using precision screwdrivers?

– Buying a precision screwdriver set can save you money and space and is useful when you met with an

odd-sized nail screw. It comes with a number of interchangeable heads that can be switched in and

out depending on the project at hand.

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